Fit the occasion, fit your body

Boobs in a dress great for her figure. 

The Magic of Spanx

Boobs: I’ve been a fan of spanx for a very long time. In addition to boobs, I also have a little extra in the tummy area. So spanx are pretty much a must for anything tight fitting. They do a wonderful job sucking in my fat! I feel more comfortable and confident! Some people find them a little painful, but you just get used them after a while. Of course, if a guy sees them it’s really embarrassing, but I don’t think they actually care that much. Bridget Jones pretty much says it best “If I wear spanx I’ll have a much better chance of getting to point x, but point x would be better if I just wear a lacy thong”. (Hugh Grant doesn’t care when he sees them, by the way).

Legs: Besides being a little flat chested, I also have a tummy. Now, it wouldn’t really be considered a tummy to a lot of people, but when you have really lanky limbs and a small chest, having a pudgy belly is hilariously weird looking. Of course, I’ve come to embrace my belly and love its pudge, however there is always a tight dress I feel a little too strangely proportioned to wear. This is when spanx come in handy for me and make me feel super confident. They tuck in my belly, accentuate my waist, and make my ass look awesome!

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